Our Community Impact

It’s normal for communities welcoming this new industry to ask questions.  The truth is, our assumptions about cannabis are often more rooted in pop culture and politics than they are in facts.  Below are some underappreciated truths and debunked myths about the impact of community dispensaries. 

Home Values

Neighbors sometimes fear a nearby dispensary may harm property values and lead to quality-of-life issues like loitering and traffic. However, there is no empirical evidence that proximity to a dispensary has any negative impact on property values. In fact recent studies found that recreational marijuana dispensaries actually had a positive impact on issues effecting home values. By comparing Denver home prices from 2013 with home prices in 2014, the first year of retail cannabis sales, researchers found that single-family homes within 0.1 miles of a dispensary saw an 8.4 percent increase in price compared to lower increases elsewhere. 


Navigating the Opioid Epidemic

Some folks also worry that legal cannabis in their community will lead to increased opioid use. In fact, mounting studies point to the role of cannabis in actually diverting prescription drug abuse as an alternative for pain relief. A study from the University of Georgia found that states with marijuana dispensaries saw a 14.4% percent reduction in the number of daily opioid doses filled under Medicare Part D, relative to states without them. “These findings further strengthen arguments in favor of considering medical applications of cannabis as one tool in the policy arsenal that can be used to diminish the harm of prescription opioids,” the authors concluded.

Social Acceptance

We are in the midst of a cultural shift - cannabis is becoming more socially acceptable.. Millions of people today still hide in the "green closet" for lots of different reasons whether because of their career or their families. Over time, with courage and more socially accepted options for purchasing and consuming, these folks are starting to more openly participate in the cannabis market. New research into consumer data defies the typical "lazy stoner" stereotype. Studies like this show that consumers have college degrees, children and are employed. These are the folks that will be visiting our dispensary and coming to your community. 

Transparency and Safety

Community members also voice concerns about safety issues. Our industry is extremely highly regulated with intense scrutiny from all levels of government.  Every movement of the cannabis flower and its financial proceeds are tracked from seed to sale by the state's required automated scanning system. Security check points, camera monitoring systems and automated safe locking systems are all measures we will take to ensure our dispensaries are secure and safe.

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