Our Consumer Brand

Community Growth Partners (CGP) is a first of its kind social enterprise in the cannabis sector. Our branded, trademarked products and retail locations are designed to appeal to a fast-growing and large segment of socially conscious consumers. 

One in four consumers choose to use cannabis in legal markets, and these statistics continue to rise as more products and retails options draw new consumers into the market. Today, the typical cannabis consumer represents a much broader universal audience than ever before. What's more, recent Nielsen research shows that consumers across all socio-economic levels are willing to pay more for a brand that aligns with their social values. Millennials in particular seek out brands with a positive social impact. 

Drawing on our team's experience operating legal wholesale and retail cannabis businesses in California, we understand how to appeal to our target consumers - both new and legacy. Our branded stores will provide a new type of low-touch, retail buying model, a beautiful and inviting design aesthetic, and a highly curated menu of both our own and exclusively-licensed, national, name-brand products. 

A well-branded dispensary that understands its consumer and community can benefit everyone by bringing more foot traffic to retail areas, increasing property values and providing a unique differentiation for the neighborhood.

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